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Coconut Oil

19 Nov

Coconut oil is one of the best natural nutritions for your hair. I have tried endless products to try and revitalize my hair, and  spends hundreds of dollars trying to find what works best for my hair. I would have never thought that the least expensive product would work the best. I recently bought a small jar of pure coconut oil and it has worked wonders every time.

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Nail Polish Rack

16 Oct

If you are a nail polish addict you must have certainly seen the nail polish racks. Most of them range between $30 to $100 and you usually spend about $30 on shipping. Depending on your collection this can become and expensive hobby. Previously I had attempted to make one out of wood, that was not very successful since it ended up really heavy. I was worried I might damage the wall if I hung it. Therefore after some research I found a way to make a nail polish rack, that is easy, inexpensive and lightweight.

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DIY Phone Case Bling

24 Sep

If I was ever in a deserted island and could only have one thing with me? Of course I would chose my cell phone. Now if your like me and are always on your phone or always looking for the new “it” phone case, this is the perfect project for you. Instead of looking for cases that you might not like or are the wrong color, why not just do it yourself exactly how you like it? Here is an easy way to do it yourslef.

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Hello There

7 Sep

My name is Patricia, I’m a 24-year-old student who loves anything fashion, make-up, and home decor. Currently Im obsessed with exploring my creative abilities .

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