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Glitter Decorations

5 Dec

IMG_1495If you’re like me, glitter makes everything better. Wether it is from your nails to your wallet to a cell phone case we always want to add glitter to everything that we own. Here is a simple and easy way to re-vamp some plain looking candle holders.




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Cinnamon Candles

26 Nov

Since the holidays are just around the corner I decided to do a DIY involving something that will make your house smell amazing. Every time I smell vanilla and cinnamon it reminds me of the holidays and being wrapped around in warm blankets sitting around the fireplace ready to open our christmas presents. So why not have this smell linger all month of December.


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Holiday Centerpieces

19 Nov

The holidays are just around the corner, and with black friday fast approaching we all want to stay on budget and save our money for the shopping. You can still manage to not brake budget and have amazing decorations for your thanksgiving dinner. These centerpieces were incredibly easy to make, look super and smell just like the holidays should.





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Depoting Lipsticks

10 Sep

Currently I’ve been on a cleaning frenzy, and the first task was organizing my make-up collection. I decided to depot some of my lipsticks, since they can take up a lot of space, this is an easy and convenient way to store and  carry your lipsticks.

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