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Make Your Own Eyeshadow

27 Nov

Ever wonder why there isn’t a nail polish that could match your eyeshadow? I have! Many times I have found myself falling in love with a certain eyeshadow color, but can’t seen to find a similar color for my nails. Now you can have both!


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Removing Nail Polish Stains

19 Nov

Just because you accidentally lacquered your skirt , desk or carpet or couch that doest mean the nail polish has to stay there forever. The faster you react the faster the stuff can come your furniture. This has happened to me several times, I would always spill nail polish on my carpet while painting my toes. Then I would so mad and usually cover the evidence with something else to remove the blame from me.


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Removing Glitter Nails

17 Oct

How I wish that I could wear glitter nail polish everyday! But the hassle of taking it off is sometimes not worth the sparkle. But every girl needs to have sparkle in there life. Therefore I found a method that removes glitter without wasting so much acetone and cotton rounds in the removing process. Now I have been wearing glitter nail polish quite often.  You can take advantage of all the gorgeous glitter nail design for the holidays without worrying about taking it of.

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Hello There

7 Sep

My name is Patricia, I’m a 24-year-old student who loves anything fashion, make-up, and home decor. Currently Im obsessed with exploring my creative abilities .

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