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Word of the Week #7

12 Mar

1. Dynamics

2. If you can put the dynamics of the relationship into words, you have power over it. 

3. The Non-Designer’s Design Book, pg. 192, Robin Williams

4. Noun, the motivating or driving forces, physical or moral, in any field. 

5. Our team on on great track, due to our dynamics together. 


Blog #5 Mystery Character (111)

12 Mar

Her signature sex appeal and blonde locks have made her an american icon.  Through the decades she has managed to set the standard for beauty and grace. Wether you remebered her coming down the stairs in a beautiful pink gown, surrounded by elegant men. Or her famous perfectly positioned birthmark on her right cheek. To this day many have countlessly imitated her and her glamorous old Hollywood charm. The immaculate application of that famous cherry red lipstick, and that perfectly applied winged liner on her bedroom eyes have made her impossible to forget. Seductiveness and charisma are what drove her to success and what adds to the mystery of her character. 

Smooth Legs

5 Dec

smooth-legsEven though its not the perfect time to show off your legs, it still doesn’t mean you can treat them to an amazing conditioning system. I had heard about their method a long time ago and i would try it from time to time, but after changing back to it again, I realize how awesome and inexpensive it is.

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Make Your Own Eyeshadow

27 Nov

Ever wonder why there isn’t a nail polish that could match your eyeshadow? I have! Many times I have found myself falling in love with a certain eyeshadow color, but can’t seen to find a similar color for my nails. Now you can have both!


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No More Chapped Lips

20 Nov

We all know what comes with this winter season, cute hats, sweaters and boots, but beside the cute stuff also comes chapped lips. I have always loved wearing matte lipsticks but they happen to always dry my lips like crazy. I tried different lip balms hoping they would get so dry and nothing seemed to work they always ended up dry after  wore my favorite red lipsticks, until I found my new favorite method of getting rid of gross chapped lips.



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Make-up Brush Cleanser

18 Oct

There are many different cleaners for you brushes out there. Some vary in prices and quality, I have tried many different ones, and I always come back to this which is the most basic. In the past I had purchased some brush cleaners but the smell was so strong i would have to take breaks while I cleaned my brushes. This cleaner is really inexpensive and smells amazing, it also leaves your brushes feeling super soft and smelling like babies.

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Color Tattoo

9 Oct

My current favorite eyeshadow bases are these color tattoos by Maybelline. They are super pigmented and glide on easily. Now the biggest plus is that they completely save you time on getting ready in the morning. I don’t consider myself a morning person, therefore I always find myself cutting out make-up steps to be able to sleep in. With these color bases I can look ready and get plenty of sleep, making me a very happy camper.

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2 Oct

Its that time of year!! Halloween, this is by far my favorite holiday. I love being able to dress up as anything I want. Especially the make-up; you can pretty much do anything  like create bloody scars, masks, or just change the natural contours of your face. This year Im still deciding what I want to be, therefore Im playing around with ideas to see what I like best. Subscribe so that you can see future posts on different costume ideas.

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Caviar Nails

14 Sep

Ever wonder how you can make your nails look like they have been sprinkled with glitter beads? Its the new trend called Caviar nails, It started with the U.K based company called Ciate. You can find these nail kits at Sephora  and they retail from $15-$25 dollars, now if your like me and refuse to pay $25 dollars for a nail polish your in luck because there is a way to recreate the look for only $4.00 dollars.

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Broken Powder? No worries

14 Sep

Ever had this happened to you? Your powder or blush breaks and you throw it away because it becomes messy and useless. I can’t begin to tell you how much money I’ve wasted because I’ve thrown away product because it was broken and thought I couldn’t save it. I’ve recently found a recipe that swore to fix this problem, and guess what? It really works.  Continue reading