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Smooth Legs

5 Dec

smooth-legsEven though its not the perfect time to show off your legs, it still doesn’t mean you can treat them to an amazing conditioning system. I had heard about their method a long time ago and i would try it from time to time, but after changing back to it again, I realize how awesome and inexpensive it is.

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Make Your Own Eyeshadow

27 Nov

Ever wonder why there isn’t a nail polish that could match your eyeshadow? I have! Many times I have found myself falling in love with a certain eyeshadow color, but can’t seen to find a similar color for my nails. Now you can have both!


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No More Chapped Lips

20 Nov

We all know what comes with this winter season, cute hats, sweaters and boots, but beside the cute stuff also comes chapped lips. I have always loved wearing matte lipsticks but they happen to always dry my lips like crazy. I tried different lip balms hoping they would get so dry and nothing seemed to work they always ended up dry after  wore my favorite red lipsticks, until I found my new favorite method of getting rid of gross chapped lips.



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Make-up Brushes Holders

20 Nov

I recently did a post involving mason jars, and I just love the way they looked. They are inexpensive and incredibly versitile. Therefore I bought some more and decided to include them in a new post. This one I completely love. They can be used for almost anything I decided to place my makeup brushes inside, but you can use your liners, Buxon Lipsticks, pencils and pens for your desk




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Coconut Oil

19 Nov

Coconut oil is one of the best natural nutritions for your hair. I have tried endless products to try and revitalize my hair, and  spends hundreds of dollars trying to find what works best for my hair. I would have never thought that the least expensive product would work the best. I recently bought a small jar of pure coconut oil and it has worked wonders every time.

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Broken Powder? No worries

14 Sep

Ever had this happened to you? Your powder or blush breaks and you throw it away because it becomes messy and useless. I can’t begin to tell you how much money I’ve wasted because I’ve thrown away product because it was broken and thought I couldn’t save it. I’ve recently found a recipe that swore to fix this problem, and guess what? It really works.  Continue reading

Depoting Lipsticks

10 Sep

Currently I’ve been on a cleaning frenzy, and the first task was organizing my make-up collection. I decided to depot some of my lipsticks, since they can take up a lot of space, this is an easy and convenient way to store and  carry your lipsticks.

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Hello There

7 Sep

My name is Patricia, I’m a 24-year-old student who loves anything fashion, make-up, and home decor. Currently Im obsessed with exploring my creative abilities .

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