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Word of the Week #7

12 Mar

1. Dynamics

2. If you can put the dynamics of the relationship into words, you have power over it. 

3. The Non-Designer’s Design Book, pg. 192, Robin Williams

4. Noun, the motivating or driving forces, physical or moral, in any field. 

5. Our team on on great track, due to our dynamics together. 


Blog #5 Mystery Character (111)

12 Mar

Her signature sex appeal and blonde locks have made her an american icon.  Through the decades she has managed to set the standard for beauty and grace. Wether you remebered her coming down the stairs in a beautiful pink gown, surrounded by elegant men. Or her famous perfectly positioned birthmark on her right cheek. To this day many have countlessly imitated her and her glamorous old Hollywood charm. The immaculate application of that famous cherry red lipstick, and that perfectly applied winged liner on her bedroom eyes have made her impossible to forget. Seductiveness and charisma are what drove her to success and what adds to the mystery of her character.