Glitter Decorations

5 Dec

IMG_1495If you’re like me, glitter makes everything better. Wether it is from your nails to your wallet to a cell phone case we always want to add glitter to everything that we own. Here is a simple and easy way to re-vamp some plain looking candle holders.





IMG_1488what you’ll need:

  • small candle holders
  • candles
  • spray glitter
  • tape
  • paper

The first thing you need to do is tape off the section you want to leave clear. You can either spray the bottom or the top of the holders. Then I decided to put some paper inside to protect the inside and make it easier to clean up. The next step is to spray with the glitter spray paint, and wait for it dry before you remove the tape. And you’re done, you can pretty much put them anywhere you like or change up the color and add them to your room or bathroom.


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