Removing Nail Polish Stains

19 Nov

Just because you accidentally lacquered your skirt , desk or carpet or couch that doest mean the nail polish has to stay there forever. The faster you react the faster the stuff can come your furniture. This has happened to me several times, I would always spill nail polish on my carpet while painting my toes. Then I would so mad and usually cover the evidence with something else to remove the blame from me.


Removing nail polish from your clothes, you wan to make sure you don’t add nail polish remover because that can often damage the dyes of the fabric, or even melt it. The secret is hairspray, you spray the trouble spot then rinse it off and the nail polish comes off right away.




My favorite is removing the nail polish from your carpet since I have made this mistake the most often. If your carpet is a light color then you can apply acetone and dab it a cotton ball on the stain and it should begin absorbing the polish. If you have a dark color carpet then you want to add rubbing alcohol and start dabbing the cotton ball so it can absorb the polish. Or you can also spray with hairspray and dab. Don’t give up this usually takes a couple of cotton balls and acetone. But the stain will come off.


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