Make-up Brush Cleanser

18 Oct

There are many different cleaners for you brushes out there. Some vary in prices and quality, I have tried many different ones, and I always come back to this which is the most basic. In the past I had purchased some brush cleaners but the smell was so strong i would have to take breaks while I cleaned my brushes. This cleaner is really inexpensive and smells amazing, it also leaves your brushes feeling super soft and smelling like babies.

What You’ll need

  • Your dirty brushes
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Olive oil ( optional )
  • faucet/ water access




What you want to do first is make sure you have all your materials set out on a flat and accessible surface.  Then you want to repeat the process for each brush. We can begin by placing your make-up brush under warm running water, then adding a tiny dab of baby shampoo and begin to work it into the bristles of the brush. You will begin to see all the built up makeup coming right off.  Then you want to rinse of your brush, make sure that you don not place the entire brush under the sunning water. Only place the bristles part, if you get the rest of the brush wet it will begin to loosen the bond that holds it together.

This last step is optional after I have rinsed my brushes  like to go over them with a little olive oil to soften the bristles. I once again work with one brush at time and work a small amount of oil into the brush, then I let the olive oil set into the brush while I work on the rest of the brushes. Once I have finished aplying olive oil to all of my brushes; I return to the first one  and begin to rinse it off lightly. This will make your brushes really soft and shiny.


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