Removing Glitter Nails

17 Oct

How I wish that I could wear glitter nail polish everyday! But the hassle of taking it off is sometimes not worth the sparkle. But every girl needs to have sparkle in there life. Therefore I found a method that removes glitter without wasting so much acetone and cotton rounds in the removing process. Now I have been wearing glitter nail polish quite often.  You can take advantage of all the gorgeous glitter nail design for the holidays without worrying about taking it of.

What you’ll need:

  • Two pieces of foil
  • 70% acetone
  • cotton balls or cotton rounds

The first thing you want to do is cut the pieces of foil into ten, one for each finger. Then begin by soaking a cotton ball in acetone and placing it on top of your nail then very quickly you want to place the foil on top of the cotton ball. The fold the foil to cover your finger, I usually squeeze the tips of the foil on the bottom to tighten the hold on my fingers. I follow this same step for all ten fingers. You need to leave the foil on for about five minutes, then slowly remove it, you can wiggle it a bit to make sure you get all the edges. This method will completely remove your glitter nail polish in one easy swipe. From now on you can rock all types of glitter without thinking of how long its going to take you to remove it.


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