2 Oct

Its that time of year!! Halloween, this is by far my favorite holiday. I love being able to dress up as anything I want. Especially the make-up; you can pretty much do anything  like create bloody scars, masks, or just change the natural contours of your face. This year Im still deciding what I want to be, therefore Im playing around with ideas to see what I like best. Subscribe so that you can see future posts on different costume ideas.

What you’ll need:

  • A foundation brush
  • One black face-paint
  • One white face-paint (I found mine at Michael’s for $1.99)
  • Black liquid liner
  • Black pencil liner
  • Angled brush
  • red lipstick (I used Revlon’s Really Red #005)
  • Black matte eyeshadow

Directions: Step one is to begin to draw the outline of your mask with the black pencil liner. If you mess up you can just erase it with a make-up wipe until you reach the desired shape. Then fill in your outline with the back paint. You want to start by applying thin layers all over the outline, then waiting a few seconds until it dries, then apply a second coat. Continue this process until your whole mask is pitch black and dried. Then with the angled brush create the white stitches, you can make them in whichever order you want. The last step is optional  i decided to create a black cat eye look, which I did by applying a black matte eyeshadow all over my lower lid. Then created a winged liner in my outer and inner corner. Finished it all off with a red lip to complete the Cat women look.


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