DIY Phone Case Bling

24 Sep

If I was ever in a deserted island and could only have one thing with me? Of course I would chose my cell phone. Now if your like me and are always on your phone or always looking for the new “it” phone case, this is the perfect project for you. Instead of looking for cases that you might not like or are the wrong color, why not just do it yourself exactly how you like it? Here is an easy way to do it yourslef.

What you’ll need:

Make sure you pick a place that is well lit and  has a flat surface, so that you can easily work and keep yourself organized. The first step is to arrange the pieces how you would like them to go on your phone. Align the pieces to make sure they all fit, then set them aside in the order you want them. Begin by applying small amounts of glue to one corner, you need to work fast because the glue will dry. Then begin to apply all your pieces. Make sure you cover the whole case in studs. This process will take about 2 hours or so depending on how fast you work. But make sure you take your time and be neat so you won’t end up gluing your fingers, After you have done the whole case you can clean the edges with an alcohol swab to remove any extra glue.

Once your done, your case should look something like this, or depends on which design you choose. How you guys enjoy this DIY.


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