Caviar Nails

14 Sep

Ever wonder how you can make your nails look like they have been sprinkled with glitter beads? Its the new trend called Caviar nails, It started with the U.K based company called Ciate. You can find these nail kits at Sephora  and they retail from $15-$25 dollars, now if your like me and refuse to pay $25 dollars for a nail polish your in luck because there is a way to recreate the look for only $4.00 dollars.

What you’ll need:

  • a bowl
  • clear top coat
  • micro-beads
  • fast dry nail polish

I was able to find the micro-beads at my local Michael’s Craft Store, they were $3.99 and came in different colors. I decided to get the clear because you can use it over any nail polish and the beads will reflect the color below. This works out perfectly because you won’t need to buy the Ciate manicure beads for all the different colors. You can just switch out the polish and use your clear micro-beads.

The first thing you need to do is apply your nail color, i used a neon pink from Icing. Wait until its completely dry, you can use the Sally Hansen Kwik Dry to speed this process. Then apply a single coat of your clear polish, then quickly apply the beads over that nail. To make this step less messy I place my hand over my bowl so i can catch any fallout, then I sprinkle the beads slowly. After my whole nails has been cover with Micro-beads I lightly pressed them down to secure them. I like to go around the edges making sure all the beads are packed together. The last step is to apply 2 generous coats of your clear top coat and Kwik Dry, then Voila! your done.

The Caviar manicure is really simple and easy to do, but looks awesome and will definitely turn heads. It does not feel uncomfortable and lasts about a week. Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY and look out for more Nail Tutorials.


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